Wearing a Watch that Suits the Occasion

Hello and welcome to the first edition of the KD Watches Fashion Blog initiative with me Amanda Edinam Ahiadormey.


Today on the blog, we will be discussing what watch to wear to what event.


If you’ve ever seen your crush all dressed up in a tux with a rubber watch and wondered how he could do such a thing, you get the importance of knowing the right watch to wear. Or maybe you ran into this guy with two watches and wondered what the big deal was.

While there isn’t really a prescribed code as to what watch to wear to an event or with a certain article of clothing, there are general dos and don’ts.


First of all, do not wear a rubber watch with a beautiful tuxedo unless you want to be taken as someone who rushed to put together his outfit, or someone who is not in vogue.Rubber watches are good if you’re going for that football game or going to the pool where watches aren’t water resistant and your watch could wear away easily.

As much as possible, let your watch complement your clothing. A well dressed gentleman would look better with a beautiful dress watch. You know the leather watch with the neatly-done stitches at the edges? Yes, that one.

Fabric watches are also a nice touch, provided they complement the fabric of your clothing both in texture and color and in pattern as well.


Let your watch match any other accessory.

For instance, if you have on a brown leather watch, be sure to put on a brown leather belt and brown shoes.

Do not have on a brown watch with black shoes and a black belt.

Further, if you have on a gold plated watch, match it with other gold plated accessories such as cuff links, or a gold plated bracelet.

Try to wear a silver watch that matches your silver earrings and necklace.

Do not have a silver belt buckle with gold cuff links and a silver watch, or a beaded necklace with golden earrings and a silver watch.


Ladies, try to reduce the number of events you wear fur watches to. You don’t want to wind up looking like Ben 10. A simple thin strap watch is fine. Even better if the time is accurate, you know?


Ideally, everyone should have at least two watches: one dress watch, and another watch.

Some people are watch fanatics and get the drift, but some aren’t, and that’s okay.

If you are unable to get a different watch for every event, you can invest in one particular watch.


Luckily, KD Watches offers you a wide variety of watches to choose from that are suitable for any occasion.

So go ahead, order a KD Watch, because really, the magic is in the details.


-Amanda Edinam Ahiadormey

Wearing a leather watch (the right way)
Wearing a rubber watch with a tuxedo (wrong)
Silver watches go with silver accessories and gold watches with gold accessories
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