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Welcome to the second edition of the KD Watches Fashion Blog Initiative with me Amanda Edinam Ahiadormey.

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Today, we are discussing what kind of footwear to wear to what event.

I know you were staring at that girl with the dress and sneakers and wondering what she was thinking when she stepped out of her house, but she just may be justified.

The thing with footwear is that depending on your location and activities, the rules do not generally remain the same. You wouldn’t expect someone living in Ghana to be walking around with winter boots, because there is no winter in Ghana. However, just like watches, the shoes you wear matter.

First of all, the one thing we do not do is wear slippers with sports wear. That is a no-no.

Slippers? No please.

Slippers are usually for that trip to the woman that sells the bread in your area, especially the really simple rubber ones.

You don’t want to be found wearing your sexy tennis skirt with rubber slippers, or wearing your football jersey with your favorite ‘blue bird’.

The next time you put on something sporty, how about you try some sneakers; what we popularly call ‘camboo’.

I know it can be easy to walk around in slippers almost all the time. I’m guilty of wanting to wear slippers almost everywhere too, but we can do better.

Further, you would want to wear dress shoes or heels to an official program. You don’t want to show up at your sister’s graduation in a suit and Birkenstock sandals. Graduation is a time of celebration, without her having to look over her shoulder at your feet. Wear those beautiful bespoke shoes you’ve been hiding in your closet with that double breasted suit, and those lovely heels with your dress. Steal the show. Help your sister graduate with swag.

Finally, you may want to consider wearing sandals to change your style once in a while. No, I am not talking about John the Baptist’s footwear, the type you’d have to lace and lace and tie up. There have been many crafty improvements in the designing of sandals in our world today. You may want to invest into some locally made leather sandals just to boost the economy; it is worth it. However, the thing with wearing sandals is that certain places do not admit people in sandals, so be sure to know what the house style of the place you are headed is. Try wearing sandals to the beach, or to visit a friend. Let your feet breathe once in a while.

Let’s go over this once more:

Don’t wear sandals with your dinner suit, or slippers with your sports jersey.

Try heels with your office wear, or sneakers with your casual wear (for style, of course), and your bespoke shoes and suit for that interview you’ve been looking forward to.

Well, that’s it for now, let’s meet again next week with more fashion talk.

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