The Right Way to Wear Socks

Welcome to the third edition of the KD Fashion blog. Thank you so much for staying with us so far. If you’ve been reading our blog, I trust that your fashion sense is improving, and that you’re getting more compliments each time you step out. Stick with us for more.Today, we are discussing socks. Socks are usually worn with sneakers or dress shoes, but regardless of which, you don’t just put on any socks randomly. Wearing socks should be calculated, to give that fashionista effect, and I’m going to show you how.
Let’s first of all explore the types of socks we have.

We have ankle socks, which are ideal for when you don’t want to get your feet dirty but find it too warm for knee high socks. These are ideal for when you’re wearing slides or dress sneakers. You don’t want to expose your feet, especially if they happen to be cracked. You also don’t want to get to your destination with your feet telling the world you walked to get there. So unless you have really manicured toe nails and are being driven to where you’re headed, you might want to consider wearing ankle socks.

Ankle Socks

We also have knee high socks. These are better when you’re going for a sports program, like going to play football, or baseball.

Ladies have what we call above-the-knee socks, which go well with mini skirts or short dresses and shirt dresses. Emphasis on short, because you cannot show up with above-the-knee socks and a knee length dress. You would look a bit out of place. Try to stick to using them when you have a really short dress on, like Rihanna does.

Above-the-knee Socks

We also have socks that reach your shins and don’t go any further. I’m talking about the socks you used to wear to school as a child, or what you usually wear in your dress shoes when putting on a suit. And though some ladies manage to make it work by wearing a long dress, it takes some skill to pull it off. For instance, they wouldn’t look good with a fitting skirt or dress, but a loose pleated or flair skirt that goes beneath the knee to give the ‘wearing boots’ feel.

Socks can make or ruin your outfit if you’re wearing the wrong length or pattern or color, so aside wearing the right type as indicated above, you need to be careful with what socks you wear with certain clothes.

The ideal thing to do is to wear socks that complement your clothing, especially your trousers. You don’t want to show up for a job interview with a navy black suit and rainbow colored socks unless you really don’t want the job and are just going to please some family member. Try grey socks with a grey suit a shade darker. Or black socks with a touch of white for your black suit.

If your clothing or socks are patterned, you alternate between the intensity of the patterns. For instance, if your clothing is heavily striped, you wear lightly dotted socks, and if your clothing is heavily dotted, you wear lightly striped socks. That is if you wish to wear stripes or polka dots with your outfit. If there are no patterns, refer to complementing the color of your outfit with your socks.

Dotted Socks


Striped Socks

Socks may seem like a small detail, but your socks can be the reason why your Woman Crush hasn’t paid attention to you. Who wants a man that steps out wearing a red shirt with a green pair of socks?

However, let me just say, finally, that it isn’t the best way of hiding your dirty feet. I mean, what happens when you’re asked to take off your socks? Try to make sure your feet look good regardless of whether you’re wearing socks or not.

So yes, step out looking good and feeling good.
Catch you same time next week.

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