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Welcome to the fourth edition of the KD Fashion Blog with me Amanda Edinam Ahiadormey.
Today, we are discussing neckwear. This includes the shawls you see the famous Lucious Lyon of Empire game wear to those bow ties women love adjusting in movies to the neckties that just won’t sit straight when the wind blows.
The thing with wearing a shawl as a necktie is that though it can be very sexy, not everybody knows how to rock it. Not to worry, we’ve got you.
Now, in one breath, here’s how to be a fashionista, yet look formal, while rocking that shawl. The idea is not to heap two yards of cloth around your neck or a thin piece of fabric. In terms of length, your shawl should only be able to go around your head thrice. It should not hang at your chest level, but should be just long enough to reach your waistline.


A bow tie is just perfect for dinner, or a fancy cocktail. Bow ties are ideal for when you’re nervous because you’re meeting the in-laws and don’t want your tie landing in your bowl of soup out of clumsiness and ruining your chances of appearing as Mr. Right.

Bow Tie

Neckties are where the real challenge presents itself for most of us. Neckties are perfect for that presentation or business pitch. You cannot show up without a tie or with a shawl to look unserious. However, your tie should be just the right size- not too thin.

Neck Ties

When it comes to neckwear, it’s okay to try a kente woven shawl or a cotton shawl. Color coordinate your neckwear and suit so that you aren’t mixing too many colors. If your suit is black, your work is a bit easier because black is neutral and goes with almost everything else. However, if you happen to be sporting something colored, it may be time to look at blending a hot-colored suit with neckwear that gives a cool feel.
Further, try to save up a bit to purchase neckwear made of quality fabrics. No need to show up wearing a good suit with neckwear that looks like it has been handed down from generation to generation.

And hey, for extra points, don’t show up with crumpled neckwear. It isn’t in any way fashionable. Let the kind of treatment you give your suit match the kind of treatment you give your neckwear, and watch people turn their heads when you pass.

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